As is true in all things in life, we have good and bad news to report from the “front”.

Thanks to your efforts, our mission is flourishing. We have helped to establish a sewing workshop in Guapi where women learn skills that enable them to support their families. We have sent clothes for the babies and hats to protect the laborers from the sun and heat in the displaced areas in Meta . Shoes, jackets and school supplies are still being sent to Boyaca on a regular basis.

Locally, we are helping two schools in the Hiawassee area, establishing an emergency clothing closet for autistic children and providing much needed supplies for Haitian refugees.

Your love has taken us so far. Sadly, there is still a long way to go…
The sad news is that we lost one of our precious children, Maria, age 9. Maria (see picture below) contracted parasites from unsafe drinking water which traveled to her brain. Unsafe water is a constant threat, killing many, a deplorable situation that screams out for our involvement. Many of you have expressed a desire to be involved in this life-saving project — a priority on the agenda of our next meeting.

I am fervently attempting to fit a trip to Colombia into my life in the very near future and plan to return with photos, news and a renewed passion for our work.

There are so many of you who deserve to be acknowledged individually, but for now and for all that you do, a heartfelt “Thank you”.

Best regards,

Mercy James