Christian Andrew Modern House In A Box

Welcome to the new It’s not completely up to date, but I just had to launch this thing to motivate me to bring over the rest of my content!

So what’s new? Well, I am now powered by WordPress! Which means that I now have a blog that auto updates my Facebook & Twitter pages! So Like & Follow me for updates delivered to your social of choice! Why subscribe? I write informative tutorials, reviews, articles & will occasionally have specials on services!

What services you ask? Well, there’s graphic designs for print and web, websitesarchitectureconsulting in corporate branding and web presenceweb hosting & domain managementcustom WordPress theme developmentauto social networking & web development services!

My background is in music production and promotion and I went to FIU for Architecture and Landscape Development. This education in interdisciplinary fields combined with my real world experience design and publicity for major music acts and night clubs helped me form the brand of full-service design for corporations, music acts, organizations, and individuals.

Let’s say you want to start a business/band/brand/organization from scratch and do not know where to start. Call me. Discuss your ideas and we will start the consultation process. I can advise you in the direction, tone, theme, goals and general concepts of your project. From color scheme to business model, I will help you chose a great name, logo & domain name. From there we can start WordPress theme development, set up your social networks, web hosting, automate your updates, train you and your team/employees on how to use the website, set up users and permissions, set up FTP users, teach use how to use file transfer protocol, & all the tips and tricks to successfully running a high traffic website that will market you to new customers, fans, followers and connections every day while climbing up the ranks of all search engines for all the search terms your target demographic would possibly search for to find someone just like you!

Form and functionality are the balancing act I work hard to maintain in design. Balancing the chaos of beauty and the simplicity of order drives me to always come back to designing forms out of organic and synthetic medium for human occupation and use. I have mostly designed and worked with firms in Architecture, Landscape Development and Architecture & Interior Design from the residential to the commercial scale. I work with licensed and insured professionals to design sound design solutions that will stand apart from the rest. Some projects I have worked on in the past few years are the The Miami Beach Cinematheque & The Jonas Mekas Visual Art Center (Vilnius, Lithuania) with SWArchitect.

I am currently updating my photos for modern house in a box here!