How my domain and hosting management services work!

Hosting & domain servicing and renewal is $200 a year.

This includes:

  • Technical Support
    You can call, text, or email me whenever you need something! Anything under an hour is included.
    If it takes longer than an hour it becomes a service which is $50 an hour.
  • Hosting & Domain Registration Annual Renewal
    So you never have to worry about losing it! I’ll email you when I get charged for the hosting and domain renewal if you forget to pay me!
    If it isn’t paid within 30 days I will cancel domain &/or hosting.
  • Information Security
    Security plugins installed and configured to protect and alert when hacks are attempted
  • Anti-Spam
    Akismet protects against spammers
  • Updates!
    Wordpress & all plugins will be updated, so you never have to worry about unnecessary security holes!