The Roonies

Back in 1997 I was in 7th grade and met Lance Craig (Lance Roonie) and David Mulet (Dave Normal). We all had Mr. Bennit’s guitar class and there was a band room in the back. For those of us that did not care about learning how to read music or play folk, he allowed us to make noise in the back. After many incarnations (T.I.T.S., The X-Presidents, The Swindels, and a few others) We finally settled on The Roonies, named after Ed Rooney from Lance’s favorite movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. He loved the movie so much that after high school he moved to Chicago.

In 1998 Dave left the band and started Inside Joke fanzine. We brought in Renzo Gorrio (Renzo Fry) into the band on bass and started writing new material for out S/T debut LP. I forgot how I found the studio but it was a warehouse in Hialeah, Florida that was number 13-I which sounded pretty cool like 13 Eye Monster or something. Anyway, we somehow managed to get these guys to record 13 songs plus a hidden track on top of us bringing in boxes of VHS tapes to record sound clips for practically every movie we loved to put between tracks for something like $200. I forgot exactly. But anyway, here it is. Once you listen, you will see how we were obviously influenced by Screeching Weasel, The Riverdales, The Mr. T Experience, The Queers, The Invalids, Carter Peace Mission, and a little bit of everything else we were listening to those days (and really still today). Enjoy!

The Roonies (S/T)

I Love Flash Forward (Lance Roonie)

My Girlfriend Likes Girls But She Likes Me Too (Chris Sandwich)

Bedtime (Renzo Fry)

Bored (Chris Sandwich)

Late Night With Conan O’Brien (Lance Roonie)

Maybe (Chris Sandwich)

The Sun Is Out At 8pm (Renzo Fry)

Turn On The Tube (Chris Sandwich)

You Break My Heart. I Break Your Face. (Lance Roonie)

I Won’t Be There  (Chris Sandwich)

Another Phone Call (Renzo Fry)

Can I Call You? (Lance Roonie)

Retarded Over You (Chris Sandwich)

We released this record ourselves and started Choice Records (after the line in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when Ferris is in the bathroom of the fancy downtown Chicago restaurant and refers to Cameron’s dads Ferrari as “So choice”) We recorded a few things on my Tascam four track cassette recorder like the grind core noise band The One Eyed Ghost (Chris Sandwich & Ricky Smith which later played for Tyranny of Shaw, and now the very popular Torch).

The Roonies played a bunch of shows and Lance went on to do more graphics and got into electronic music. Renzo and I started a new band called Septembre with many different line ups and stories of it’s own in the years we existed. After high school Lance started DJing as Lance Milk in Chicago and got some fame. Renzo started Late Night Curly and his solo IDM project Hydroplane. I started Sacred Owls a few years later.

Where are we now?

Dave is a fire fighter in North Carolina.

Renzo is still kicking it as Hydroplane and is working with NPR’s Snap Judgement

Lance is a graphic and web designer working with Sony.

Christian am a dad now, doing web & graphic design along with video production. Started Modern House in a Box for Art-o-mat in 2003 and continue to make pocket sized architectural models for those neat-o vending machines.

I’ll try to dredge up photos and album art from The Roonies, it was pretty funny stuff.