WhatWeHateMovie.com – The Screeching Weasel Movie Website

I am thrilled to announce that I have been asked to design the website What We Hate Movie –  The Screeching Weasel Story from Midway Pictures!

Soon we will be connecting it to WeaselMovie.com. Be sure to check them out on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube!

The film will archive Screeching Weasel from the beginning with old interviews and live footage, interviews with past and present members, the infamous SxSW incident and the resulting break up of the First World Manifesto line up.

That happening prompted my friends and I to start SaveBenWeasel.com kind of as a joke 0r social experiment perhaps, to see what the response would be. Oh, there was a response. I got angry emails from super fans asking me to pull the site and I even got deemed “Tattletale” and my IP address is banned from Weasel Acres (The official Screeching Weasel / Riverdales Forum)!

So yea, now I am doing the website for the movie… nany nany boo boo and for Dan Vapid’s official website and the site for his new band that rose from the ashes of SxSW, Dan Vapid And The Cheats. For those of you who do not know Dan’s work, he has been on most Screeching Weasel Records, member of Sludgeworth, co-vocalist and songwriter for The Riverdales with Ben, lead singer & guitarist/writer of the Mopes, The Methadones & now Dan Vapid And The Cheats which are working on a new record but do perform Riverdales, Methadones & Mopes songs live.

So there is a brief 101 on a good chunk of Lookout! Records history and bands that I have loved since I was a teen in heat. It is truly an honor to be working on these projects.

Office Gardening? Yes.

One of the many products my company sells are grow lights. When I heard about LED grow panels it sounded like a great idea because of the energy savings, cost, life, color range & low heat emissions. So I when the GrowPanel 45 came into my office for photography I simply NEEDED to try it out!

So after the shoot I kept growing! I planted 5 out of 6 of the pumpkins outside and kept 1 inside upside down in the topsy turvy.

Facebook Props for DanVapidAndTheCheats.com

Working with Dan Vapid And The Cheats is a real treat. Probably the nicest guys in punk rock! Here are some kind words directed towards my work for them on ye olde Facebook!

At our website our webmaster put up this really cool jukebox of songs that Dan wrote. On other news I just caught a spider on my keyboard, he was trying to create a website.
http://danvapidandthecheats.com/news/check-out-the-dvtc-jukebox/ –Mike Byrne


I would like to thank Christian Andrew for making this cool website for Dan Vapid and the Cheats. http://danvapidandthecheats.com/news/check-out-the-dvtc-jukebox/ –Dan Schafer

Thanks guys!

Little Joe’s Primrose Tattoo Parlor in Orlando

Little Joe is a staple of the Milk District near downtown Orlando, Florida. His shop Primrose Tattoo Parlor is conveniently located at 47 North Primrose Ave Orlando, FL 32803 right off of State Road 50 (Colonial) about a mile west of Downtown Orlando.

His shop specializes in custom traditional tattoos. Great work! Joe did quite a bit of my wife’s work so I decided to give him a shot!

Once I saw how he brought my visions to life on my flesh I insisted to do his website and social networks. Thanks for the great work Joe! I will be back soon for more!

His staff is also quite remarkable, Corey McLeod & Ross Purvis. Check them out!

Innate Techniques by Osmond Gray Massage Therapy

I am pleased to announce that a long time friend of mine, Osmond Gray, has started a massage therapy practice in Greenwood Village, Colorado called Innate Techniques. Osmond is a licensed/certified massage therapist (LMT | CMT) in Florida and Colorado. If you are in the area I would suggest paying him a visit.

From my experience after injuries, a good hour with him and you will be back up and running in no time. He does this thing where it almost feels like sun rays are coming from his hands or magnetism… like Magneto… good stuff! They guy was made to turn pain into ninja energy! Check out his site at innatetechniques.com or osmondgray.com (same site, designed by me!)

Dan Vapid And The Cheats

I am thrilled to announce that I am designing Dan Vapid And The Cheats new website as well as Dan Vapid‘s (Dan Shafer’s) personal site! In addition I will be designing and managing their social media sites on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace & Youtube! For those of you who don’t know, Dan Vapid has been a key writer for a laundry list of influential Lookout! Records and other punk labels bands including Screeching Weasel, Sludgeworth, The Riverdales, The Mopes, The Methadones, The Queers, Noise By Number & Now Dan Vapid And The Cheats!

What is Twitter & How To Update Social Networks from WordPress

There is very little to remark on twitter. It’s a stripped down Facebook. So it’s just status updates and nothing else (AKA tweets)

It can be connected to your wordpress site by posts using the 1-click Retweet/Share/Like Plugin for wordpress. So if you write a post on wordpress it will update twitter with the name of the post and a link to the post on your website. Same for linkedin, myspace, & facebook.

If you would like this to be done for your wordpress site contact me.

On twitter people can click “follow” and will then when they log in your tweets will show up on their dashboard. On linked in they can connect to you. Your status updates will show on your linkedin page.

The idea is to save time and just write posts on your website that will then relay to twitter, linkedin & facebook without even logging in and updating the individual social network sites. It is automated.

You can write posts on your site by logging in, on the side bar you will see posts and “write new” under it. Post compose/edit pages look just like page compose/edit pages. Create a title, write the article, add pictures, on the right check the boxes under categories appropriately or create a new category, below that add tags (or keywords) that will help you come up in searches in google, yahoo etc. Once complete click publish (or update if editing an already published post.)

Andrew Christian

I met my wife online so after talking for a few days on Skype she Googled me. Now google works by connecting keywords and ranking them based on web traffic. So words do not really need to be in any specific order sometimes for a search result to come in.

With that being said, there is a male “novelty underwear designer by the name of Andrew Christian. According to Google trends when comparing me to him, he’s a pretty popular fellow. That is why when you Google me it is full of… him! God forbid you Google me and click images.

I am sure that there are worst things in the world but it did raise a lot of questions to my now wife and mother to my son! Fortunately she was wise enough to realize that I am not him… but if I was… I might buy a boat! Maybe I should start designing flamboyant underwear and run controversially sexually graphic ads! Nah, I have too many other things to do. Funny story though.

The main purpose of even bringing this up is to write an article that I can tag the search term “Andrew Christian” a bunch of times in order to get in on that sweet web traffic he is getting. Ride the wave!