Orlando Sculpture Technical Design by Christian Andrew


Proudly crowning the scoreboard at the Orlando Citrus Bowl until demolition of the stadium commenced on January 29, 2014, the ORLANDO sign was seen and recognized by hundreds of thousands of fans and visitors to the Orlando CitrusBowl over the years.

Prior to demolition, each of the seven individual letters, ranging from six to eight feet tall and six to eight feet wide, were salvaged and stored to be transformed into a new iconic ORLANDO sculpture. Each letter has been retrofitted with more than 100 color changing LED lights. The new lighting will allow for the original colors of the ORLANDO sign to be replicated or changed to reflect a certain event or season.

The newly redesigned ORLANDO sculpture, standing 54 feet tall, symbolizes the reinvention of the Orlando Citrus Bowl. Located at the northeast corner of the Orlando Citrus Bowl site, where Rio Grande Avenue and Church Street intersect, in the pedestrian plaza at the base of the Grand Stair entrance, the sculpture is positioned at the new “Front Door” of the stadium and will again welcome visitors to Orlando and the new Orlando Citrus Bowl.


Fernando Vazquez, StudioFV Principal, led a team of artists and designers who designed and assembled the new ORLANDO art piece from the salvaged remnants of the old Orlando Citrus Bowl. Studio FV offers expertise in collaborative urban, architectural and interior design for all types of projects including environmental graphics, lighting designs and audio visual installations.

Part of this team was local company, AES, Artistic Entertainment Services, who did the fabrication and installation of the ORLANDO sculpture. AES is an industry leader in creating unique experiences for theme construction, trade show booths, exhibitions, full-scale special effects, stages and custom signage and props for theme park attractions, architectural projects, retail developments and large-scale parade floats.

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